September 23, 2023


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Pixis Raises $85 Million in Series C1 Funding for AI-Powered Marketing Solutions

Pixis Raises  Million in Series C1 Funding for AI-Powered Marketing Solutions
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  • ByStartupStory     |    September 16, 2023
Pixis Raises $85 Million in Series C1 Funding for AI-Powered Marketing Solutions

Pixis, a company specializing in artificial intelligence tools for marketing campaign planning and analysis, has announced a successful fundraising round, securing $85 million in Series C1 funding. This funding, led by Touring Capital, brings Pixis’ total funding to $209 million, with participation from both new and existing investors, including Grupo Carso, General Atlantic, Celesta Capital, and Chiratae Ventures.

Pixis distinguishes itself from competitors by offering a codeless, end-to-end full-stack performance marketing solution that empowers marketers to achieve their campaign performance objectives using AI infrastructure without the need for any coding. According to Shubham A. Mishra, Co-founder and CEO of Pixis, this sets them apart from other companies in the market that typically take weeks to integrate AI into their marketing tech stacks.

“Our AI products are completely codeless requiring zero cookies or pixels for deployment, whereas it takes other companies weeks to integrate AI into their marketing tech stacks, our entire AI infrastructure is designed to integrate in under 10 minutes — as fast as downloading a plugin,” he said.

This becomes especially relevant as third-party tracking cookies and other tracking options in browsers are becoming less common. Mozilla Corp. has already defaulted to total cookie protection in its Firefox browser, and Google LLC is planning to replace cookies in Chrome.

Pixis enters the AI landscape at a time when marketers are increasingly relying on AI-enabled tools to engage with their audiences. While machine learning and AI have long been used for tracking and improving performance, new AI tools like generative AI and art-generating AI have significantly transformed marketing practices.

Pixis’ core technology encompasses three key areas within growth marketing campaigns, employing over 200 AI models for targeting audiences, performance monitoring, and creative marketing.

“Our products are built for seamless cross-platform publishing and optimizations,” said Mishra. “Trained on the brands’ data and historical performance, customers can take advantage of our AI to autonomously allocate media spend, target audiences and generate creative assets across all platforms based on the data-backed recommendations provided by the engines.”

Recently, Pixis introduced its Creative Studio, a generative AI media creator connected to campaign data that can produce photorealistic creative assets and marketing materials, including 3D images and videos. Organizers and administrators can use this tool to generate materials for different audiences and conduct brand testing by utilizing contextual data from campaign optimization and targeting information.

Since its establishment in 2018, Pixis has attracted notable global brands, assisting them with their international marketing campaigns, including DHL, Carsome, Joe & The Juice, Kavak, and HDFC Bank Ltd.

Pixis plans to use the newly acquired funding to enhance its AI capabilities, invest in research and development to refine its generative AI-powered Creative Studio and expedite its global expansion through strategic product and business partnerships.

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