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Vivo Y33s: Value and Availability The latest smart phone from Sony Ericsson is equipped with features that can make the most of the digital life. The advanced mobile phone is equipped with the Android interface and offers users a wealth of value added features. Users can get the latest news, updates and general information through the built in social networking platform on their smartphones. The Vivo Y33s also comes with free downloadable apps such as Google Maps, Viber, Evernote, Facebook and much more. vivo y33s

Value and Availability The compact phone from Sony Erickson comes with an amazing price tag and users can buy the smartphone in Diamond Black and Midday Night colour options for a cool whopping 5000 mah. The Vivo Y33s is capable of performing multiple functions and is designed in such a way that it offers users value for money. The mobile phone is available online and offline in all the popular online stores starting from August 23rd. In addition to this, the handset comes with a free download of androids 11 and free access to Gmail.

Value and Availability With an impressive feature rich smartphone comes an impressive physical design. The body of the phone is made out of smooth angular lines and looks sleek. The body is complemented further with an angular glass panel on which the 3.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive display is secured. The camera, battery, RAM and internal storage components of the Vivo Y33s are all placed in a convenient location making it extremely convenient to carry.

Value and Availability The phone has a large memory space that offers ample storage space to upload music or videos. The connectivity features of the gadget to make it perfect for the travelers who do not want to have to make frequent trips to their computer to upload files or transfer data. Even though, the Vivo Y33s offers high value for money, it does not come cheap. It costs roughly around $400 in the African market and other local markets.

Display and Camera The camera of the Vivo Y33s is one of the best on the market. It has a built in laser cam which takes excellent videos and high resolution pictures. There is also a decent sized video screen to view videos in an easy to read manner. The internal storage of the Vivo Y33s is sufficient and is expandable to allow users to store numerous movies and videos.

Additional Features The phone also offers users additional useful features and benefits. Like its larger internal storage space, the Vivo Y33s allows users to store more videos. Further, it offers users the luxury of deleting and storing any video when it is no longer needed. Users can also connect up to four wireless cameras and a dozen mics. Apart from this, the vivo y33s also incorporates a rich WXFi interface which makes it a very convenient gadget to own. Users also get to enjoy free software upgrades and service support along with free VOIP calls.

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